Overview and Investment Approach

Greenridge Investment Partners is a private equity firm located in Austin, TX.  We invest in leading middle-market businesses with attractive growth characteristics and proven track records of profitability.  Our partnership structure frees us from the artificial pressures that a defined investment period can impose, allowing us instead to invest with a longer-term view.

We believe our operational role as investors is primarily one of support.  We entrust the entrepreneurs, managers, and employees of the companies with whom we are privileged to partner do their jobs.  We simply try to support our partner companies to help them reach their full potential.  We believe that if our primary focus is on partnership and on helping companies to grow, we will continue to be successful over the long-term and across all business cycles.  

Investment Criteria

We most often seek control investment opportunities, but our partnership structure enables us to be creative in how we evaluate investments.  While we have a flexible investment mandate, we are primarily interested in opportunities in which:

  • We are a company’s first institutional investor
  • We have a clear understanding of the business and its risks
  • We are partnering with quality people who share our values
  • We can be helpful in growing and improving the business
  • We have an opportunity to deploy at least $10 million of capital

We are not interested in the following:

  • Companies that have not yet reached profitability
  • Situations in which partnership is not valued
  • Companies with low margins, large ongoing capital needs, and no discernible competitive niche
  • Extremely distressed / turnaround situations

We are largely industry agnostic, but have particular interest and expertise in the following sectors:

  • Business services
  • Enterprise Software and Technology Services
  • Education and Training
  • Healthcare services (with limited Medicare / Medicaid exposure)
  • Media and communications