Guiding Principles

There are more private equity firms representing more capital today than at any point in history.  Capital, by itself, no longer differentiates.  Our guiding principles form the foundation for all that we do, and our rigid adherence to them sets us apart.


We strive to be individuals with high values.  To us, this means being honest, fair, friendly, hard-working, gracious, and trustworthy, no matter the circumstance.


The ability to be patient is a tremendous advantage in private equity investing.  We believe a patient, long-term perspective ensures sound decision making, provides greater flexibility during the investment period, and ultimately maximizes outcomes.


We believe that we will be successful over the long-term if we focus on helping businesses to improve and grow.  Our returns will be driven largely by our success as business-builders, rather than through financial engineering (i.e. excessive use of debt) or multiple arbitrage (i.e. market-timing).


People are so often identified by those with whom they partner.  We seek partnerships with people of like values and principles.


Most private equity managers aspire to generate “top quartile returns”, but few talk about the risks required to generate those returns.  We aim to be responsible stewards of our investors’ capital, focusing as earnestly on minimizing risk as on maximizing return.


We formed Greenridge because we believe the interests of entrepreneurs, managers, and investors had diverged in the private equity asset class.  Our partnership structure creates strong alignment among entrepreneur, manager, and investor.