Partner Companies

How we work, in partnership, with the entrepreneurs, managers and employees of the companies in which we invest is critical to our success.  Our mission is to support our teams in the best way possible to help each company reach its full potential.  In all of our investments, we provide the financial capital, decision support systems, and strategic guidance that enable management teams to execute on their growth plans.  When appropriate, we also provide human capital in the form of operational support.  Regardless of the specific role we are playing at any given point in time, our focus always will be on long-term value creation.  Ultimately, a review of our past investment track record and the relationships we’ve formed is the best judge of our success.  Below are some of the companies with whom we have been privileged to partner.

Current Partner Companies


GrowthZone, a leader in cloud-based association management software, provides a SaaS membership management solution to over 3,000 associations and chambers of commerce. GrowthZone’s products enable its customers to efficiently and effectively manage many aspects of their organizations’ operations including contact management, billing, recruitment, and event management. GrowthZone is headquartered in Nisswa, Minnesota.

Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems

Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems (CARS), is a leading provider of repossession and remarketing software and services to prime, sub-prime, captive, and regional lenders. CARS’ IBEAM portal technology is the industry’s most robust SaaS offering designed to help lenders manage repossessions and remarketing and ensure compliance. CARS is headquartered in Raleigh, NC.


Veriforce, created by the merger of Veriforce and PEC in early 2019, is a leading provider of supply chain risk management and compliance solutions. The company’s modern SaaS platform, industry-standard training programs and content, and an accredited network of safety trainers and evaluators deliver the industry’s most comprehensive and effective solution. The company boasts the world’s most extensive safety and compliance network, comprised of over 350 hiring clients, 25 thousand contractor companies, 11 thousand accredited trainers and evaluators, and 2 million individual workers.

Nurses Case Management

Nurses Case Management (NCM) provides case management and home health payroll administration services to patients requiring ongoing care. The Company serves a critical role in the coordination of care for its patients, who most often are the elderly or the catastrophically injured. NCM is headquartered in Austin, TX.


Lakeview Health is a substance abuse treatment company located in Jacksonville, Florida. The Company provides patients with a continuum of care, including detoxification, intensive inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, and outpatient levels of care. Lakeview treats all forms of drug and alcohol addiction, including addictions stemming from co-occurring mental disorders.


AppleCare is a leading provider of urgent care and immediate care services to patients in the southeastern United States. The Company currently operates urgent care centers in the state of Georgia and delivers high-quality, cost-effective services, providing patients a greater level of convenience and flexibility than emergency rooms or primary care physicians.

Selected Previous Investments

CRI / R360 Solutions

Controlled Recovery, Inc. (CRI) was the largest oil and gas waste disposal and transportation business in the SE New Mexico region of the Permian Basin. The Company is now an operating division of R360 Environmental Solutions, which purchased CRI in July 2010. In December 2012, Waste Connections purchased R360 in a transaction valued in excess of $1.1 billion. This investment returned in excess of 15x investors’ capital.

Ashbrook Simon-Hartley

Ashbrook Simon-Hartley designs, manufactures and installs wastewater treatment equipment. The Company provides a full range of solutions to municipal and industrial customers around the world. Alfa Laval acquired the Company in 2012.

Hoak Media

Hoak Media was formed in 2003 by Jim Hoak, founder of Heritage Communications and Heritage Media Corporation. The Company focused on the acquisition, development and operation of television stations in small and medium-sized markets in the United States, with a specific focus on CBS, ABC and NBC network affiliated stations. Hoak Media was sold to Gray Television in June 2014 for $335 million.

Visual Merchandising, Inc.

Visual Merchandising designs, manufactures and sells visual merchandising equipment to leading retailers and department stores around the world through its two brands: Fusion Specialties and Goldsmith. The Company manufactures custom-designed mannequins and other store fixtures in its facilities in Colorado, Mexico and China. The Company was sold to Noa Visual Group in June 2013.

Parker School Uniforms

Parker School Uniforms manufactures and sells school uniforms to K-12 institutions across Texas and the southern U.S. Parker is headquartered in Houston, TX, and is one of the largest companies in the school uniform industry. The Company has grown consistently, both organically and through acquisition.


Masergy, Inc. is a communications service provider offering managed, secure global network services to enterprises that have complex needs across multiple locations. The Company’s integrated network and software solutions enable its customers to seamlessly deploy and manage IT applications such as video, voice and data, on a global basis. Masergy was acquired by ABRY Partners in August 2011.